Meow-Jong Presskit

Meow-Jong is has everything Mahjong players have loved for generations but with cats!


Release Information

         Developer: Pixel Barrage Entertainment, Inc. Based in Providence, Rhode Island

         Release Date: August 2015,

         Platforms: iOS, Android, Steam

         Price: $1.99

         Filesize: ~100MB

         Press Contact:

         Our offline presskit is here:Download


Key Features

     Use your cat senses to solve fun mahjong puzzles!

o   Swipe with your paw to reshuffle a confusing board

o   Use you keen cat-eyesight to pick out tile matches

     Fun for the whole family

o   Over 100 tile layouts for both novice and experienced players

Who We Are

Pixel Barrage Entertainment, Inc. is a developer of game and entertainment software. We strive to create games of all genres and styles for computers, consoles, and mobile platforms.

Pixel Barrage Entertainment, Inc. was founded by President and CEO John K. Manuelian in March of 2015. John brings 8 years of game industry experience on a wide range of platforms and over 15 years of programming experience to Pixel Barrage. He plans to build exciting new entertainment software on current hardware as well as be among the pioneer developers on new hardware.

Screen Shots