Adventure in the Tower of Flight - About


In ages past, five kingdoms ruled the known world. Each kingdom possessed a sacred relic given to the kings of old by the god themselves. The relics guided and protected their armies in battles. As time passed, younger kings desired to gain absolute power over the land and waged countless wars with each other. The gods were displeased with the reckless actions and greed each kingdom took part in, so they took back the relics, hid them in a large tower, and proclaimed: "Whoever is able to pass the challenges of this tower will become the ruler of all known land." Years passed. Generations passed. No one, man woman, or child has been able to complete the challenges within the tower.

You play as Wing, a young adventurer. Wing must climb a seeming endless tower and collect all five ancient relics held within to become the ruler of the known world. Each relic, however, is protected by a series of battles, puzzles, and precision-platforming rooms.

Luckily, Wing doesn't go empty handed on this adventure. He arrives at the Tower of Flight armed with his trusty sword and winged cap.

The special bar

This bar slowly drains while Wing is flighing up. It will replenish slowly while he is falling in the air, and it will replenish quickly while he is on the ground

The special bar is also used for other abilities, such as dashing. So be careful not to use too much while you fly, or Wing will fall into undesired locations!

Wing's trusty old sword

Wing trained hard every day with this sword. He has a very quick and strong swing that can not only handle any enemy in his path, but his swing is strong enough to even break some weak walls!

There are also a multitude of additional weapons and items he can find throughout the tower to help him on his quest.

Coins, Gems, Feathers, and other Loot

Coins and Gems are common and can purchase simple things.

Feathers, however, are rare and highly valued. Shop keepers will be willing to part with premium items with enough feathers.


Collecting a heart will restore 1 of your health hearts.

Health Up Vial

These vials will not only entirely restor Wings health, but they will also add 1 additional heart to his total health!

There are 13 total in the Tower of Flight. Can you find them all?

Revive Bottle

If Wing falls in battle and has one of these bottles, then he will instantly regain all of his health and continue right where he was!

There are many more items to find within the Tower of Flight. Get started on your adventure now!